In 2015, Creative Director Patricia Bonaldi founded Costurando Sonhos, a school focused on teaching the art of craftsmanship through embroidery, sewing, and hand-beading.



Costurando Sonhos was born from our Founder and Creative Director Patricia Bonaldi’s desire to nurture the art of craftsmanship, and to empower and create new opportunities for women in her hometown of Uberlandia, Brazil.

Courses at the school include sewing, embroidery, and hand-beading techniques. Today, the school has trained over 400 women, with graduates of the school continuing on to begin their own businesses, become teachers themselves, and even return to PatBO as artisans in our atelier.

A portion of all PatBO purchases directly support this initiative, with each customer helping women gain essential skills for employment and entrepreneurship through fashion.



At PatBO, craftsmanship is at the heart of everything we do. The techniques we use in our atelier and teach at Costurando Sonhos unify fashion, art, and decades of tradition. The intricacies of these hand-crafted pieces, infused with the emotion behind them, create treasures that would be impossible to replicate with a machine.

With Costurando Sonhos, Creative Director Patricia Bonaldi has created a program to impart the knowledge of craftsmanship to upcoming generations, ensuring the longevity of the art for years to come.

"I have always deeply valued the art of embroidery—especially in a time when hand craftsmanship and the use of traditional skills have become rarer within the fashion industry. Carrying on the tradition and legacy of handmade embroidery is a fundamental passion of mine, along with my mission to lift up and better the lives of other women." - Patricia Bonaldi

Meet Our Students

After working as a teacher for 30 years I wanted to bring back my childhood dream of learning how to embroider. I found the course at Costurando Sonhos through social media and got to fulfill my dream and learnt the highest standard of embroidery. I learnt fully that embroidery enhances and brings beauty to every piece.
My time at Costurando Sonhos added personal, professional and financial value to my life. The current market is in need of good professionals and I feel confident in being able to become a role model for those who have dreams but aren't willing to go after them in fear of new challenges! Today, 3 years after completing the sewing course, I feel happier and more fulfilled.
My experience at the school was incredible; I learned things that I wouldn't have learned anywhere else. Today, I have a dream of building my own clothing brand, and I feel that the course has given me the skills to do that.
I found out about the embroidery course through a friend. I completed the course feeling empowered to work in the fashion industry. Today, I work for PatBO as an embroiderer and feel proud to be a part of this team. Thank you PatBO for the opportunity to fulfill my dream and reach new ones along with it.
I grew up around threads and needles, so I always wanted to work in the fashion industry. However, here in Uberlândia, there were no opportunities to learn how to sew evening wear. When I found this course, it empowered me to open my own business today, where I make clothing with the skills I learnt atCosturando Sonhos.


What is the Costurando Sonhos Project?
The Costurando Sonhos Project emerged from our Creative Director Patricia Bonaldi's passion to preserve craftsmanship. This initiative aims to teach sewing and embroidery, contributing to local economic growth and opportunity.
Who can register?
Whoever! The course is open for anyone over the age of 18.
How long has the school existed?
The school was founded in 2015.
How many people have gone through the school?
Approximately 400 individuals.
How long is the course?
The course is 3 months long.
How much does the course cost?
The course is 100% free and funded by PatBO.
What is the location of the school?
Uberlândia, Minas Gerais.
Is it mandatory to work for PatBO after completing the course?
No! We want to empower women to build their own paths, whether it’s with us or not.